An Afternoon of Inspiration

Journey to Worthy features a monthly workshop on a wide range of topics designed to inspire and elevate self-awareness. Topics range from a wide variety of subjects and each month Inspired Sessions have their own unique theme.  Former programs have included:  The Art of Surrender, Grace under Fire, Setting Boundaries, Beyond Self Abandonment, Relationship Intensive, Trauma Recovery & Healing the Wounds of Childhood.  Event locations vary monthly and are hosted in beautiful locations nestled in nature or a park setting.

Shamanic Evening of Meditation

Journey to Worthy features special Shamanic Meditation several times per year where the group embarks upon a spiritual journey through shamanic drum meditation, followed by an integration circle and discussion of each individual’s journey. These evenings are quite magical and many participants have experienced “other worldly” healings and connections to ancestors, angels and guides.  Location of Shamanic Evenings vary and events are announced approximately 30 days prior to the scheduled evening.

Inspired Kids

Journey to Worthy’s Inspired Kids is a special presentation that is offered to young people between the ages of 4 and 19.  The program is designed to increase personal awareness and enhance children’s self-esteem.  Inspired Kids teaches young people the power of their thoughts and the language they use; and employees the use of meditation for focus, concentration and the management of anxiety and excessive hyperactivity. Each program works with the children in helping create positive affirmations for healthy self-image, along with an open forum and dialogue to discuss the issues most effecting young people in their lives today.  Our teen program focuses on peer pressure, social media etiquette, depression, mental health, diet and nutrition, as well as boundary setting and conflict resolution. This program has been sponsored by the YMCA-Crenshaw, YMCA-Koreatown, YWCA-Santa Monica, A Community of Friends, a Los Angeles based non-profit with 33 statewide facilities, the Multicultural Home School Network and more.  It has also been presented to children’s group homes and shelters throughout the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.