Journey to Worthy’s Mission

Journey to Worthy…is my love letter to the world. It is “inspiration for life” based upon the principles of Quantum Physics made available via lectures, presentations and core curriculum classes. Under the influence of “inspiration”—primarily self-inspiration, the human being finds within himself the strength, power and resources to rebirth and regenerate the “Self.” It is about the reunion of “lost love,” the love of Self in one’s own life. It is also the full measure of taking responsibility, owning the lessons learned and transcending all that would dare cast a shadow against your majesty. Based upon the core principles of self-love and self-worth, Journey to Worthy’s mission statement can be summarized in one sentence, “I am inherently worthy and I know it.”

About Darnella Ford

DARNELLA FORD is the author of five (5) bestselling novels and the recipient of the BEST NEW VOICE OF 2003. Her fifth novel, FINDING ME, was recently nominated for the 2010 STONEWALL LITERARY AWARD, one of the most prestigious literary awards in the country. Known for her ability to create “unpretentious gritty masterpieces,” Darnella has established a well-respected name for herself in the world of literature. However, in 2006, her life would profoundly change when Darnella traveled to Seattle and began a three-year course of study in Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Neuro-Biology. Under the instruction of some of the most brilliant Physicists in the country, Darnella studied the profound world of energy/matter and how it all affects our daily lives.

Deeply inspired by the changes she made in her own life—in 2008 Darnella created and launched JOURNEY TO WORTHY, a program of inspiration designed to expand awareness and transform lives. With its genesis rooted in the science of Quantum Physics, Journey to Worthy is based upon the principles of self-love and self-worth. In essence, self-love is the cornerstone of the program. In simple terms Darnella explains, “Whenever we take a trip…we always calculate the time it takes us to get from point A to point B. Well, the longest trip I ever took was the journey to my own worthiness!”

Ingeniously, Darnella simplified the complex nature of science and began to do something unprecedented—she took Einstein’s E=MC2 to the inner city, mental health care facilities, prisons, and the classrooms of Compton. But she didn’t stop there—she also took her program to Corporate America and to the affluent. With her unique teaching style, she created compelling presentations and began to affect change and initiate healing to all those who came in contact with her message—which simply states YOU ARE WORTHY!!!

JOURNEY TO WORTHY has garnished its own share of “fans” and the people who are touched by the program are changed forever. Under the umbrella of JOURNEY TO WORTHY are multiple programs with one of its standouts—a special presentation titled “Beautiful” which has been devoted to teenage women and explores the nature of “authentic beauty” as it relates to self-esteem and self-worth. It is Darnella’s hope that a human being’s understanding of their intrinsic “worth” will be as much a part of our culture as I-Phones, I-Pads and Facebook. When all is said and done, Darnella insists that the most important aspect of JOURNEY TO WORTHY will always be “the people themselves” and to that end, “I have devoted the rest of my life to the profound knowing of truth and the ultimate experience of man’s highest potential actualized in the material world.”

There Are Many Steps…but only ONE Journey

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